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Advantages of Custom Made Jewelry

Presenting a custom made piece of jewelry can be the zenith of a romantic evening or any momentous occasion, be it an engagement, anniversary, sweet 16, birth of a child, or any other reason to celebrate life and love. While you can simply go to a jewelry chain store and select a piece of jewelry they carry on standing inventory, you could instead have the item you desire custom made, and there are many reasons why this is the better choice.

1) Originality
Having an entirely unique piece of jewelry certainly makes it a rare treasure. Knowing that no one else in the world has a piece just like it compounds its sentimental value beyond measure.

2) Tailor and Enhance Your Favorite Design
When you choose to have a piece of jewelry custom made, you are able to have the design details align with your specifications and creative vision. You may have seen an inspiring piece elsewhere and modified it with your own design signature, or perhaps you have a completely unique design you constructed on your own. You may see a piece that needs a subtle change to meet your satisfaction, like platinum instead of gold, a larger center gem, diamonds on a band, or any other changes. When you have a piece custom made, you can have all of these specifications met.

3) Cost Advantages
It is possible to have a design you found in another jewelry store, in a catalog, or online, custom made by another jewelry designer. Rather than paying retail for the original piece, you may be able to have it made at a lower price.

4) Knowledgable
Sales personnel at a local jewelry retailer are there to make a sale and may not necessarily have the intimate knowledge about the products that you would like to find in a jeweler. Personnel who are more involved in the manufacturing of the jewelry and have undergone specific training and instruction will be of better assistance. Making sure you are using a jeweler with the right kind of knowledge can help you save money and create a masterpiece.

5) Craftsmanship
The art of creating jewelry is a specialized trade, and as such, you will want to choose someone who is trusted and has a reputation for delivering perfection to customers. When making a pricey investment, having peace of mind can be a valuable part of the transaction.

6) 3D Computer Aided Design or CAD
When having a piece of jewelry custom made, there is always the risk of the customer not loving the design once it is completed and can tangibly be evaluated. This can make a custom jewelry purchase somewhat risky, so choosing a jeweler that specializes in 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) will remove any uncertainty as to what the final product will look like. A jeweler specializing in CAD can have your unique design come to life in a 3D image, and any modifications needed can be made and visually reviewed before the jewelry is created. What you see is what you get, and not all jewelers will have this feature as an option when customizing a special piece of jewelry.

Taking these reasons into consideration, having a piece of jewelry custom made is an exciting and rewarding process when a reputable jeweler is your partner in creation.

Custom made jewelry is jewelry that is created following the design of the customer. The materials, style, design, and cost of the item are all specified by the customer, and the creation of the item is executed by an experienced jeweler. The experience of creating a custom piece of jewelry appeals to many people, because the end result is a completely unique and personalized item. It does come with additional cost, however, as the time and effort required to make a custom piece of jewelry is considerably higher than mass produced jewelry. The result is well worth the cost, though. The extra attention to detail and precise customization to suit an individual's personality, taste, and style deliver an item that adds priceless value to a personal jewelry collection. Custom made jewelry has been highly desired throughout history and among buyers today for this very reason.

The popularity of custom made jewelry is on a strong upward trend. Consumers are increasingly more aware of jewelry customization, and the demand has increased dramatically. All types of jewelry can be custom made: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Jewelers utilize the customized jewelry as an opportunity to display their unique craftsmanship and market to the emotions of the consumer by providing a unique and brilliant item that no one else has or will ever have in their possession. Like the rare treasure of finding one's true love, having an exclusive piece of jewelry can be a cherished prize. Some people desire remarkable pieces of jewelry that are the statement of their ensemble. Others desire a piece custom made to ensure the item suits their lifestyle, complexion, personality, and size preferences.

From the type of metal and materials, use of rare stones, shape, style, size, and price, there are many details to discuss with the jeweler. Sometimes a basic design is chosen from a catalog, and embellishments are made to customize an existing piece into something new and unique. The customer's vision drives the creation of the item and the specs by which it is created.

The highlight and attraction of custom made jewelry is its direct connection to the powerful emotional and sentimental core of the given occasion. Engagement and wedding rings are a premier example of this movement. To have something completely unique and personalized to represent a bond and a relationship is a driving force behind custom jewelry design's growing popularity.

In every lifetime, there are countless opportunities to sanction as remarkable and memorable by giving a personalized piece of jewelry. Likewise, the year is full of many occasions where the gift of custom jewelry is most fitting. Fond feelings and sentiments can be expressed clearly and remembered for a lifetime when accompanied by a uniquely crafted gift.

Finding a jeweler with fine craftsmanship is critical to having the perfect piece of jewelry made. An experienced jeweler will have the skills and expertise needed to assist the customer in completing the design and utilizing the precise materials to create the masterpiece.

Choosing an engagement ring can be overwhelming with so many different options available. To ensure you choose the right ring you must consider several factors including the type of metal, the type of stone, style and fit. Carefully researching each of these factors will help you make the best choice and guarantee that your fiancee will fall in love all over again. 

One of the first factors to consider in engagement ring shopping is the type of metal. The type of metal you choose will largely depend on your fiancees personal taste and preference. Some prefer white gold over yellow gold, and as trends and seasons change, one tends to become more popular than the other. Some women may prefer to match their other jewelry to their engagement ring and therefor would prefer one metal over another. Engagement rings are most commonly made of either white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Platinum is similar to white gold in color but is heavier and more expensive. Another option for women with common metal allergies is Palladium. Palladium is similar to platinum in color but a lighter metal that doesn't require rhodium plating unlike white gold. Most ring options can be made in any of these metal options depending on your fiancees preferences.

Another factor to consider is the type of stone. Does your fiancée prefer the traditional diamond or does she want something unique? Diamonds tend to be the most expensive stone but there are a variety of other options that are becoming more popular for engagement rings. Some people have chosen colorful gemstones in lieu of the traditional diamond, such as a blue or pink sapphire, purple amethyst, ruby or even quartz. Another popular option is a pearl ring. Alternative gemstones can provide a new take on the typical engagement ring and often better reflect the wearer's personal style. Also, choosing a gemstone other than a diamond may allow for a bigger stone at a smaller price point.

Style is another major factor to take into account when choosing the perfect ring. Diamonds and other stones also come in a range of shapes or cuts. Prices can vary greatly depending on the cut of the diamond Popular diamond cuts include round, princess (or square), emerald, cushion cut and marquis. Each cut has a different number of facets that reflect light and allow the diamond to sparkle and shine. The cut of the diamond can also tell a lot about one's personal style. Along with cut, rings can also be modern and streamlined, such as a solitaire, or vintage style with special filigree detail. Some women may prefer fancier styles with several diamonds. 

Finally, you should also consider the size of ring. Just like a pair of jeans, everyone has a ring finger size. Make sure you have this information before you go ring shopping to ensure it will fit perfectly on her finger. Also size-related is the gemstone or diamond size. The size of the stone will also impact the price immensely. Stones are sized in carats and a common engagement ring center stone size is 1 carat. The bigger the budget, the more carats you will be able to afford. 

With a little observation and research, you will be able to find the perfect engagement ring to suit your fiancees personal style and your budget.

To set yourself apart from the conveyer belt of mass produced jewelry, a custom made piece of jewelry can add an unparalleled brilliance to your ensemble. From the fiercely confident to the subtly sophisticated, custom jewelry made by an experienced jeweler can compliment your unique style and personality. When purchasing custom made jewelry, you will want to consider the following suggestions:


To create the masterpiece that represents you perfectly, you will need to have a clear vision of what you want to create. The better you can describe or sketch the item, the more likely the jeweler will be able to match your exact specifications. If sketching the item is difficult for you, build a clear picture in your mind that you can visualize and describe in detail to the jeweler. When having custom jewelry made for a gift, the item should not only reflect how you, the giver, feel about the recipient, but it should also reflect the recipient's character and personality.

Take Time

Finding the right jeweler with a portfolio that supports your vision for the piece of jewelry can take some time. Finalizing the design of the item can take time. Depending on how busy the jeweler is, the actual creation of the item can take some time. Be prepared to invest the time necessary to have your jewelry made consistent with your expectations. No two jewelers are alike, so getting to know the craftsmanship of a jeweler can help you decide if their work is up to your standard of quality. The more experienced a custom jeweler is, the more expensive their work can become, so knowing your budget will help in making this decision.

Materials Matter

The jeweler you select will be able to guide you in choosing the best materials for your design. If precious gemstones are part of your design, be aware of the cut, quality, and clarity of the stones used. To be sure your creation will last a lifetime, you will want to use materials that will support the structure and endure the repeated use of the item. While using fine and precious materials make a strong statement, be sure not to overlook the personality and character of the jewelry for the sake of the largest stone or most expensive metal.

Some jewelers offer eco friendly options for jewelry, utilizing seeds, beads, fibers, wood, and other natural resources that provide unique textures and colors for the jewelry. These options provide another way to personalize a unique item.


Your budget is likely the biggest factor in determining all the other aspects of a custom piece of jewelry. The same item made by two different jewelers could vary greatly in cost, because no two jewelers are alike. The amount of time and skill to finish and perfect a custom design is reflected in the cost of the item. Their craftsmanship is as unique as the jewelry they are creating. Being prepared with your budget drawn up before beginning any planning will help you to stay focused and avoid unforeseen expenses. It is highly advisable to get quotes from a few different jewelers before making your final decision.

When scouring the options for the right engagement ring an overwhelming sense of anxiety is bound to settle in. You want something meaningful and unique that will make just the right statement in just the right price range. It is likely that time and resources are in short supply. The most important first step is to determine a realistic budget for both the engagement ring and wedding band. Some men choose to invest up to two months worth of salary on this once in a lifetime investment. This is no small change for any buyer. It is important to know the desired styles and tastes out there in order to make the purchase something that will be valued as just the right ring for the love of your life.

Diamonds are the traditional stone that is used in many engagement rings. This is due to the concept that the diamond itself represents both purity and strength. It is also interesting to consider different precious stones that may fit the preferred style or personality of your fiancée. Rubies, emeralds or sapphires can add a beautiful and unique style to any engagement ring setting.

The Internet is a great resource for perusing various options without any high-pressure sales. There are literally thousands of ring styles with countless ways to make the engagement ring you choose unique and meaningful. It is a popular idea to buy a ring mounting in order to design a completely unique ring using gemstones from family heirloom jewelry pieces. This is a thoughtful way to tie the past to the present as you welcome your new partner into the family while looking forward to the wonderful future family you will create together.

There is no perfect option but it is worth taking the time to invest all your options so that you can make the best selection to represent your commitment to the relationship. It is a good idea to do some of this research together either online or while window-shopping at local jewelry stores. Another great resource for choosing the right style of ring is her close friends or family members who know her preferences. She may even have a favorite Jeweler who could give you a clue as to whether she looks best in white gold, yellow gold or silver. If she has a preference for the look of silver then platinum or white gold engagement ring options may be the best choice for her style.

Modern brides usually have some idea about whether or not they would like a more traditional setting. This is an important thing to research since your bride to be will be wearing the ring you select all throughout her life and needs to be something she would be proud to wear. Most engagement rings come with an option to purchase as a bridal set that includes the wedding band. There are great options for wedding band bridal sets that are antique or vintage, which can create a more personalized look.

Take the time to choose a stone you both love, in a shape that accentuates the right style in a price range you can afford. Researching all the creative and affordable options will go a long way to ensure that your engagement is a memory that will be cherished for its thoughtfulness for generations to come.

Not only has it been an adventure to find the man or woman of your dreams, it should not be difficult to find the perfect jewelry for your perfect someone. Every woman wants her jewelry to be the best for that special day that they have always dreamed about. In fact, a wedding day can be the most important day of one's life. 

As the dress is so important on this special day, so is the perfect jewelry ensemble. Sometimes when looking for the perfect jewelry you can't always find the exact match to your liking. This is where custom bridal jewelry comes in. You can have your jewelry just like you want it with all the bells and whistles to match your most memorable day. For many brides, they wish to have something original and distinctive just for them to wear on their wedding day. Custom jewelry is just another way to show him or her that they are a one of kind. 

When designing custom jewelry it is designed especially with that someone special in mind. It is important to make sure that the dress has already been purchased before adding the one of a kind necklace, earrings or bracelet. The designer of the dress can also recommend the type of jewelry and accessories that fit the style of the bridal gown. 

I am a recipient of a custom bridal ensemble. My spouse knew what kind of jewelry I liked however he added just that extra special touch to make it one of a kind. It made me feel special knowing that my ring was created just for me by him. It is a great feeling when I am complimented on the beauty of it, that it was designed with me in mind. 

The options are endless, from a particular diamond or other precious stones to the color of gold. The length of a necklace or the bracelet that may need a few adjustments is all possible with custom made jewelry. You may want a pearl necklace but add a little bling to it; with custom jewelry this is possible. 
When my spouse created my ring he was able to take the diamond outside with an eye glass to look at its clarity, inclusions and colors. He was able to look at various diamonds and chose the best one he thought would fit me. 

Now you are probably thinking that with custom jewelry comes a higher dollar sign. This is not true, with custom jewelry you are able to customize your price to help fit your budget. The stones, design, and metal will depend on your final price. High priced jewelry will be made of precious stones and platinum. Gold is generally affordable for most consumers. If you are looking for lower cost choices than sterling silver and semi-precious stones may be the direction for you to go. With custom jewelry you are able to pick your options without compromising the meaning behind it. 

There is a large market with different products that are available. You can even go online to various websites to help you with ideas and products. 

Custom jewelry is a fantastic option for any bride or groom. Purchasing your wedding ensemble does not have to be stressful and if you follow the few examples that I have written about you are sure to find the perfect match for your perfect someone. I know that my custom wedding ensemble is something that I will treasure and hold dear to my heart not only for the symbol it stands for but for the effort and caring heart that designed it.

Oftentimes loose gemstones are something the average person relates to movies with elaborate crime schemes and a desirable blue velvet bag containing colorful gems. In reality, loose gemstones are affordable, readily available, and quite practical for nearly all consumers.

Most fine jewelry retailers will assert that purchasing diamonds is a wise investment, though this may not be the most accurate outlook for a consumer to adopt. The value of diamonds is formulated with social value as a marked contributor, so purchasing diamonds simply as an investment to be secured in a safe deposit box removes the social aspect of the investment. Creating a custom piece of jewelry for a special social occasion can be a lot of fun, so choosing the perfect loose diamond is worth the patience it requires.

Fine jewelry vendors purchase diamonds that are whole carat weights or near a whole carat weight, because they know the average consumer that utilizes a jewelry retailer for a diamond jewelry purchase typically prefers that whole number. Because of the desirability of the whole carat weights, these diamonds are marked up ten percent or more. When selecting a loose diamond, the consumer has the advantage of saving money by considering a diamond that is slightly less than a full carat weight, like .87 carat. It takes a professional eye or even a scale to discern the .87 carat diamond as less than a full carat.

Jewelry retailers make their profit on diamonds they purchase by marking them up in the store. Their markup is an average of thirty percent to cover the costs of running their business including the building, sales personnel, skilled professional jewelers, and marketing. As a consumer, finding your own loose diamond before heading to the jeweler for a consultation will save quite a bit of money that needn't be spent.

Having a loose diamond in-hand when you go to a jeweler gives you the benefit of having more control in the whole experience of creating a custom piece of jewelry. You can be sure to find a diamond that fits your budget and avoid the sales pitch and potentially limited options of diamonds that would fit your budget at a jewelry retail location. Jewelers tend to keep diamonds in stock that will make them the most money and support a reputation in the jewelry industry, which is great, but this will add to your cost. Another benefit of bringing your loose diamond with you is being able to have a better visual while creating the perfect custom piece. You can avoid wondering or hoping the diamond will fit well with the piece of jewelry and can have assurance in the design you choose.

Purchasing loose gemstones can provide an exciting rush, especially knowing you are getting a great price for your stones. The payoff gives a great sense of satisfaction when the custom piece is finished and adorning the consumer. Having creative freedom contributes to the overall experience, and saving money is always a good choice. If you want a custom piece of jewelry, purchasing a loose diamond before going to the jeweler will be to your advantage.

When giving the gift of jewelry, the best way to add extra sparkle and shine to that gift is to have it custom made. Having a piece of jewelry custom made is a great way to express your personal sentiments, thoughtfulness, effort, and initiative, all captivated in one artful masterpiece. Such jewelry also makes a powerful statement for the recipient of the piece, reflecting on their taste and personality as well. If it is time to consider an exquisite gift for a special person, consider a custom made piece of jewelry and ensure your satisfaction with the item by utilizing the following guidelines.

Unique Design

When you see custom made jewelry, you know you are looking at something unique that was not mass produced in any way. To achieve this unparalleled brilliance, you will need to consider the recipient's personality, hobbies, interests, characteristics, and unique attributes. Take into consideration the occasion, formality, delivery, and comfort of the gift as well. When you meet with the designer, have a general idea of what you want to create, yet remain open to their guidance based on their skill and expertise.

Exceptional Workmanship

The finest pieces of jewelry were crafted by the finest jewelers. While you don't necessarily need to find the most expensive custom jeweler available, you do need to take the time to research several jewelers before making your selection. You can meet with jewelers personally or view online portfolios to see their quality of craftsmanship. A steady hand and an eye for the smallest detail is a must to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

Precious Metals and Jewels

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a custom made jewelry item is choosing from the ample choices of metals and jewels. From 14k gold to platinum and titanium, there are many varieties of metals that will not only fit the aesthetics of the piece but your budget as well. When it comes to choosing the jewels, the sky is the limit with various colors, sizes, and cuts. Generally retailers will suggest that you invest in a large stone as the centerpiece. While this may compliment the piece of jewelry, it may not be necessary. You can save a lot of your budget by utilizing smaller stones and an arrangement of settings. The jeweler will be able to provide you with several options with both the metals and the stones.


A quality jeweler will provide feedback as to the structural strength of the design you are considering. Take the time to research and review the design to be sure it will be a lasting heirloom. Look for a jeweler who provides a guarantee on his workmanship and provides services to keep the jewelry clean and secure. Consider insuring the item as well.

Timeless Beauty

With the many details to consider, it can be easy to overcomplicate the design. A safe and elegant approach to any piece of jewelry is to keep it classic with timeless character. Designs that can be worn for several occasions and that are comfortable to wear will make the gift all the more special.

There are many jewelers who offer custom made services. They can be found online and locally. Checking posted reviews is a great way to start your search when you begin the process of having a custom made piece of jewelry.

Investing in an engagement ring

The balance between choosing a stunning engagement rings and staying within an affordable price range threatens to put off too many engagements for too long. Money is often tight for young couples that are preparing to marry. Today there are many more affordable options for beautiful engagement and wedding rings. Cost cutting options do not mean that anyone needs to settle for a ring that is not beautiful. Too many men preparing to propose are under the false impression that an acceptable ring must cost an entire month worth of salary. This is an unrealistic expectation that delays engagement plans longer than necessary.

The truth is that the price tag depends largely on what you are comfortable spending. The woman you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with should be someone who understands that value of living within a budget. This will likely be the first financial investment made that will have an impact on you both as a couple. Do not be afraid to openly discuss expectations with your future fiancée to keep the first investment you make together one that will bring you closer and not create an unnecessary source of stress. Sharing a life together means being on the same page when it comes to investments and avoiding unnecessary debt.

There are many affordable options within the preferred styles you and your fiancée would like. The ring setting can be instantly both beautiful and affordable when the larger center stone is replaced with something that is man made. This is a great option for the initial engagement ring with a long-term plan to replace the stone, as desired down the road when greater financial security has been established. Upgraded rings make wonderful anniversary gifts and can symbolize the greater unity and commitment established as your marriage matures over a lifetime.

It is also customary too change up the whole style of the ring when a future upgrade is made. The concept is the same for every investment made as a married couple. For example you wont likely be able to reasonably afford to move right into the house of your dreams when you are first married, but you can select a comfortable, safe location to begin your life together with the long term goal of working towards that dream house. Delayed gratification on every level as a partnership will go a long way towards avoiding the stress of excessive debt without putting off the commitment of marriage until you feel you can "afford" it.

The economy plays a large part into how planning should move forward with your upcoming engagement but it does not need to delay the wedding. Invest in a ring and a lifestyle that you both feel confident you can support as you begin sharing a future. The wedding and engagement rings are a mere symbol of the love and devotion you will have for each other. Likely each of you will have an increased earning capacity over time and as your tastes and priorities change each anniversary will give an opportunity for new gifts. Over time, whether you choose rings or other lovely jewelry pieces as a further symbols of devotion and commitment you will be glad you embarked on your new life together in a way that is comfortable and affordable now rather than waiting until you have all the money in the world to spend on that ultimate engagement ring.

When the time has come for you to propose to that person you plan to spend the rest if your life with the engagement ring becomes a symbol of all that you will share together. One of the most important factors in determining the style of ring is the ring setting. The setting of the ring determines show the stone will be displayed taking into consideration fashion and lifestyle preferences. For example, will your fiancée be wearing the engagement ring for all activities? What type or work does she do each day? Does she need a ring that has a setting meant to hold the center stone more firmly in place or does a more delicate setting suit her needs. The setting of the ring sets the whole style preference from the start.

The type of preferred precious metal and gemstone will determine the ring setting. The elegance and sophistication level of the setting should fit the personality and preferences of the love of your life. You want her to feel confident and comfortable wearing the ring for all occasions. Jewelry professionals can help you navigate all the traditional options. Most ring settings are made with the precious metals of either gold or platinum. The gemstones in the setting do not always need to be diamonds. Oftentimes the more reasonable option for those who plan to wear the ring for all occasions is a man made stone or an colored gemstone. Don't be trapped into limiting your creativity with the ring setting to only traditional options.

There are many settings for engagement rings that are known to reputable Jewelers in the industry. Among the well-known options for ring settings are the following: custom, solitaire, flush, tension, vintage, antique and cathedral. The selected gems can also be cut to specific preferences including marquise, princess, emerald, cushion, oval, round or pear. The options are almost unlimited and the setting should be customized according to what best suits what she will love.

Engagement rings often have side stones rather than only one center stone. The side stones are intended to enhance the beauty of the selected center stone. You may want to opt for something called a channel setting and you can select a gold bypass ring. This is a setting that can be created with curved side shanks that are meant to secure the center gemstone more firmly into place. Another great option us a trellis rings with a three stone setting. The traditional meaning of the three stone setting is representation of the past, present and future.

If you are fortunate enough to be marrying a beautiful woman who is also smart and practical, she will likely be willing to help select specific rings she would love within the price range that the two of you have agreed upon. This is a much easier way to ensure that the selected ring setting and gemstone meet her expectations. Make sure that your purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee with a warranty throughout the lifetime of the ring. Whether you select a setting from an online store or purchase in person all reputable Jewelers will offer proof of authenticity along with warranty and insurance options.