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Sesha M.

Slava is simply the best! We both wanted custom rings at a great price and he went above and beyond to deliver! I couldn't be happier to have found such an amazing jeweler. Being that we both wanted something custom we came in with tiny pictures and basic descriptions of how we wanted them to look. In a few days we had CAD images of what his interpretation was and they were spot on. I had been to a lot of jewelers and tried on a lot of rings that were nice but there is nothing better than having exactly what I wanted! I am forever a loyal customer!!


Google User

Slava was helpful and prompt in responding. Throughout our correspondence he was practical and direct - focusing on providing what I was looking for not just on making a sale.


Zagat User

historic jewelry store in portland. very old. nice man works there. they repair jewelry and sometimes will buy gold.


Google User

Custom-design a personal piece of jewelry with some professional help - pure fun and a great customer service! :) Thank you Slava and Marx Jewelers for a gorgeous custom job on my engagement ring! It came out better than I could have ever imagined. I love that now my ring is unique and custom-made for me for the many years to come. You did a great job listening and incorporating all my details and nuances into the design. And a special thanks for getting it done by my deadline, we ran a little close! :)


Google User

Marx jeweler is my favorite place for designing art due to their perfect customer service, understanding and timely recomendations (so I could choose metal for my budget without altering original design concept), I like reviewing electronic draft and final model they send as design progresses. Nice people that I trust. They are excellent source for custom design due too their affordable cost of labor and material. Quality is excellent as well. Andrey (from State of Washington)


Google User

I was looking for an engagement ring for my fiance and I knew of some jewelers downtown my friends have used. But I decided to Google others and came across Marx Jewelers. I've heard good things about it so I gave it a try. Slava was extremely helpful. I compared the diamond I wanted with ones from other jewelers and it was the best value hands down. For the ring, I wasn't sure what design my fiance wanted and I wanted to surprise her, so Slava suggested getting a solitaire for now and coming back with her so she can choose for herself and swap the rings. I didn't know you could do that but it worked out very well. Slava even designed a ring he normally didn't carry and it is awesome! He gave us a great price for it and even gave us a discount on my own wedding band.



I LOVE My Unique Engagement Ring!. Slava did a gorgeous custom job on my engagement ring! It came out better than I could have ever imagined. I love that now my ring is unique and custom-made for me for the many years to come. He did a great job listening and incorporating all my details and nuances into the design, and tweaking the design accordingly along the way. It was great to see the ring on the computer in 3-D and be able to adjust the details on the fly. And a special thanks to them for getting it done by my deadline (moving to California), as we ran a little close! :) I will definitely go back for my future jewelry needs, whenever I am back in Portland. My ring is a masterpiece, I love it! THANKS!



The Best!!!. I never write reviews because It's not my thing but this guy deserves it. I am the most pickiest guy in the world and I did all my business with him over the phone which was risky on my behalf because it's so hard for me to get something so important without looking at it face to face. But I heard so many good things from people about him that I took the risk. My first ring that I bought was a engagement ring for my girl and I was so nervous getting the ring but when I finally described to him how I want it and than I got it in the mail I opened it and WOW!, it's been 5 months and I can't stop looking at the ring and just telling myself, "What a great guy" how could somebody create such a beautiful ring. It was more perfect than I described to him. I could talk forever about how satisfied I am. I ended up going back to him for the wedding bands also. I just recieved them in the mail and I am telling you that It doesnt get any better. i am the hardest person to please but what he has done for the rings that I ordered is just perfect. 100% happy customer. The prices are cheaper than anybody else that I have encountered and the time he spent with me on the phone and his customer service is very honorable. Thanks Slava



Dreams DO come true!!!!. We truly shopped around looking for a jeweler that we could trust and did their work with precision and passion. We found everything we were looking for when we found Slava at Marxs! He helped us design a one of a kind engagement ring. He found us the BEST diamond that he could possible find in our price range. The design process was so much fun! He quickly crafted the ring so that my husband would be able to surprise me even though I was part of the design process. The entire process from start to finish was excellent! When it was time for the wedding ring, he made a band to match my engagement ring perfectly. He also helped my husband find a perfect lightweight band and had it engraved. I feel so comfortable and confident knowing that I have found a jeweler that I will continue to go to for years to come!!!!! VERY VERY happy and satisfied customers!!!! Thanks Slava!!!!!



Perfect!. I must have talked to two dozen jewelers while shopping for an engagement ring for my fiancee, and I'm convinced that Marx Jewelers is by far the best shop in town for custom-made rings. After showing Slava some designs & images, he had a 3-D wireframe emailed back to me in under 24 hours that was exactly what I was looking for. The service was professional & friendly, and the price was quite competitive. Slava's communication throughout the process was very helpful as well. Most importantly, the quality of the ring was excellent, and my fiancee loves it!


Tommy D

Amazing Jeweler. When my wife wanted a new eternity ring, we visited many jewelry stores. We found the same old things at each store. We then met Slava on a Sunday afternoon and immediately knew that something was different about his store. He showed us a ring that most closely matched what we were looking for. He then proceeded to tell us that didn't need to settle on just any ring, but that he could cast and create exactly what we wanted. And that is exactly what we did! We were able to use the gold from her original wedding set that would become part of the new ring. We were able to choose the exact carat size for the new ring. We were able to choose the quality of the diamonds to be used in the new ring. Slava also set the original diamond in a necklace that my wife wears almost every day. The new ring is beautiful. She is so pleased and she loves the ring, the necklace, and the fact that the new ring is really the old ring in a new shape. Slava is a great artisan! He kept us well informed throughout the entire process. He also finished the work well ahead of schedule. I would recommend Marx Jewelers to everyone!!!



Great Work. I met Slava thru a referral process. The man knows jewelry. He blew me away with all his knowledge of the industry. He helped me pick out exactly what I wanted and for a really great price, great quality and great price is hard to find nowadays. I guess he cut out the middle man or something. But I sent him of a picture of a ring I wanted for my girl and he did it perfectly and even put his sweet touches on it. He doesn't disappoint and is very patient with all the questions. Never even met him, communicated by phone and email and he made the transaction extremely easy. I would recommend MARX JEWELERS to anybody and everybody.



Marx Jewelers is One Of A Kind. I saw a beautiful ring on a lady and had to ask where she got it and she replied Marx Jewelers and gave me all of their information. Right from the get go, Slava was very prompt in returning my emails and was very good in customer service. He worked with my fiance and I and he was VERY understanding about our budget. I would definitely say he went above and beyond for us. He created a beautiful engagement ring for me and gave us way more than what we thought we were going to be able to afford. The best part is I absolutly love it! I am very glad we found him and plan on going back to him in the future. We are very satisfied customers. Ashley and Rob


Chris Lonigro

I have to tell you that the ring was a huge hit! Thank you for everything especially with such short notice. I found out that Steve Archer (a good friend of mine) also got his rings through you. I want to say Thank you. Sarah loves it. Thanks again.


Nick Colasurdo

Thanks a lot for all your help. The ring looks awesome and my fiance Lisa loved it. You did an excellent job. I really appreciate you getting it to me as quick as possible. I look forward to having you do some work for me here in the near future. Thanks a lot.


Jeff Campbell

I was pleased with the creation process, the attention to detail and Slava's own artistic cad design which enhanced my original prototype of the piece. once it was reviewed and agreed upon it took only a couple weeks to complete and I am pleased with its unique old world craftsmanship. Thank you


Deborah Patterson

When searching for a wedding band for my future husband, I entered your store to look around and see what was available. I saw a ring that was a display mold and asked if it could be made in a different metal to my specifications. I explained exactly how I wanted it to look, the jeweler who helped me listened and told me what would be done to get the look I wanted. When I received the call that the ring was finished and I could pick it up, I was very pleased and impressed by what I saw, the ring was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience and a beautiful piece of jewelry, I will definitely come back.


Kate Brannan

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful ring. After adding the small sapphires around the diamonds, it really brings out the sapphires on the side of the ring and just makes the ring pop. People grab my hand all the time now and do the WOW thing. Thanks again - We just love it.


Josh P., California

Slava, I’ve just received my ring. You know what? I love it! I’m really x2 satisfied with the ring. It looks much better than seen in the picture like nice setting, color, bling bling, weight etc. And I also appreciate w/ the greatest care. Your recommendation which was chosen color “D” was correct. You said there is vividly differentiation between colors when seen by naked eyes, right? About a month ago before I knew you, my two co-workers bought diamond rings at near local jewelers w/ color “H”, comparing mine and theirs, mine is much brighter and colorful obviously. Thanks! I’m planning to have proposal event next week for marriage for my fiancée. I’ll let you know how much she likes it then Thanks again that you got a great job and I’ll talk to you soon


Bernie Sperley, Oregon

Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet you designed and made for my wife. She loves it and having it match our rings (which you also made) is very special to us. We look forward to having you create more works of art for us in the future.


Vadim Litoshik, Florida

Thank you very much for the beautiful creation of my fiancés engagement ring. She was stunned when she saw it!! Absolutely loved it!! You did a fantastic job on it. I appreciate for taking your time and effort in creating such a spectacular ring. Your CAD design is exceptional, it made it easier to see the ring before the finally. My Gratitude's to you!


Ilie and Rachel Aron, Oregon

We truly enjoyed working with you in creating the perfect engagement ring, it really is a piece of art. Thank you for your personal endeavor in making the process so effortless! The ring is going to be an heirloom in our family thanks to your hard work!


Michael Weston, Oregon

Crystal and I went to five different jewelers. We even went through one jeweler that had gone as far as casting the rings, which were not even close to what we had drawn and described. We were so frustrated by the lack of professionalism and artistic ability in the trade we had almost given up. That all changed the minute we walked into Marx jewelers; immediately after talking with Slava at Marx Jewelers we had the instant feeling that he knew exactly what we were looking for. We dropped our last jeweler and trusted Slava and the staff at Marx Jewelers to create our design (losing $300 to the last jeweler). We were even more impressed when we received the digital rendition of what our rings would look like beforehand. Just as Slava had said the designs were exactly what we were looking for in the first place. The staff at Marx jewelers showed such professionalism, craftsmanship, and artistic touch the designs looked better than we could have imagined. Needless to say, our rings were perfect in every way and my wife and I could not be happier with the designs. Thanks Marx Jewelers!


Crystal Weston, Oregon

Everyone at Marx Jewelers was so helpful and professional. We felt like the design we had in mind came across even better than we had envisioned with such an artistic touch. It was awesome being able to see the design digitally before it was even cast and the level of detail is amazing. Thanks so much for such beautiful work on our rings, its so nice to have such a great custom job!


Nancy L. Buck

My husband and I met Slava and his wife at a charity event outside of our respective businesses. During the initial meeting, I was impressed with the knowledge and interest Slava relayed to me regarding the restyling of my wedding ring. My diamond and ring setting were purchased separately. The decision on the main diamond was a long process. Unfortunately, I picked the setting from a catalog and was disappointed in the way the ring displayed the center diamond, the way it fit on my hand, the unfinished edges on the insides of the ring. I kept Slava’s business card for a year before I made an appointment to see him. They both remembered meeting me at the Charity event. The appointment was handled with professionalism and much patience. I didn’t know what I wanted; only what I did not want. We discussed what style I wanted, what portrayed my personality. That meant talking about many styles and the material for the ring make-over. Slava assured me that I would see the design before the casting and I could change my mind at any time along the way. I was never rushed and there were calls and emails to me throughout the process. While I had no deadline, Slava made sure I had the ring for a special event around Christmas time. I ultimately decided upon Platinum and added more diamonds to the styling. We adjusted things once after the initial drawings and I was so excited to see the final result. When I saw the ring, it took my breath away. It is exactly what I wanted and it is one of a kind, with personal markings meaningful only to me and my family. I couldn’t suggest a better experience for another woman or man thinking of designing something special that will last a lifetime.


A Google User

Having been a professional in the jewelry trade some years ago, I've become quite particular in how I like to be treated, the respect I wish to receive for my gem and jewelry knowledge, the price I pay for the work I'm requesting, and am a bit more demanding during the design process and of the final product than the average customer. I've found numerous other jewelers in the Portland area to be rude, demeaning, and overall difficult/impossible to work with. Having said all that, Marx Jewelers blew my mind... My fiancee and I came up with designs for our wedding rings. I'd already sourced the stones and had them cut in Sri Lanka for our project. We were having a difficult time finding anyone that was willing to take on our project and the demands of the design. Our search ended, however, with our first email to Marx Jewelers. The response back from Slava was perfect. His response, in part, was "I am willing and been known for taking on projects that seem impossible to do..." and closed with "Dedicated to be your jeweler". We exchanged a few more emails, scans of design sketches, information about material choices, and that we already had the stones. Shortly after we had an appointment made and met at the store. True to his form over email, he was extremely helpful, informative, and demonstrated an ability to actually listen to the customer (a skill sorely lacking from many jewelers). Thanks to excellent information from him, we ended up changing our metal choices, but were still able to retain all the important design elements of the rings. A few short days later we had 3D renders to look at and an idea as to cost. Unlike some jewelers who decide the price and then force you to either break your budget or change things about the design that are important to you in order to stay within budget, Slava not only delivered what we talked about, but hit the budget too. He kept us up to date during the various, complicated steps of the manufacturing process with emails about details, including attaching photos where appropriate. A few short weeks ago we picked up the finished rings. We're both extremely pleased with the final product. They're every bit as nice as we imagined when we started this process and won't hesitate to send friends and family to Marx Jewelers for their jewelry needs. We'll definitely be back for more custom jewelry ourselves.