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The Value of a Custom Wedding Ring
Jul 23, 2014

I love what I do here at Marx Jewelers! I get to create custom jewelry as part of some of the best moments in my customers’ lives: engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and so much more.

One of the greatest things about this business is that I don’t just sell generic or “boilerplate” jewelry—I sell custom jewelry for any occasion!

Of all the occasions people come to me for, I particularly love offering custom wedding rings. Almost no occasion is more important for jewelry than a wedding, so I wanted to remind everyone of the value of getting a custom wedding ring.hammered ring.jpgPerfect Fit

One benefit of a custom wedding ring is the perfect fit. By “fit,” I mean two things:

  • First of all, when I design a ring for you, it will be made from the start to fit your finger, rather than having to be altered after the fact.

  • Second, you can design a ring that’s exactly what you want! How often do people walk into a jewelry store or the jewelry section of a chain store and pick from the selection that’s there? What do you think is the likelihood that they find the exact ring they’d envisioned?

When you get a custom wedding ring, you can be sure that it’s customized to match the vision you’ve held for it. And that’s a special feeling!


Your love and your bond is something completely unique to you and your significant other. When you get ready to say “I do,” don’t you want your rings to reflect that uniqueness?

Most couples get rings that are just like the rings of thousands of other couples. There’s no uniqueness to them!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to show off your rings and proudly state that your ring is custom—that there’s no other ring in the world exactly like the one on your finger? That you put your heart into its design and that it captures how you feel perfectly? I love being able to give you that feeling.



Price is the major stumbling block that makes most people think that a custom wedding ring just isn’t for them. And you know what? It might be true for most custom jewelers, that they charge too much for the average couple to pay for.

But at Marx Jewelers, we make custom wedding rings and other jewelry at very affordable prices! For just a little more money than that one-size-fits-all ring at a chain store, you can purchase a gorgeous, custom wedding ring at Marx that shows how much you care.

Even though a marriage isn’t based on what wedding ring you have, the ring is an enduring symbol of your love and commitment. Putting thought into the ring and getting something customized truly does show how much you care.

We’re excited to help you out! Let us know what we can do for you.


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