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Performance Metal Wedding Rings for Men

Apr 02, 2014

Guys are really into the performance metals right now. They are becoming more and more popular. And my jewelry store here in Portland, Oregon is seeing a lot more sales of them.

What are performance metals?

The precious metals are well known and quite pervasive in the wedding ring industry: yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular.

Performance metals, however, cover a broader range of metals (and even some other materials) that include some very unique and rare combinations and varieties.

Some common ones are:

Cobalt Chrome



Carbon Fiber


Damascus Steel


The reasons guys like them:

1. They are inexpensive.

This is kind of a no-brainer. Most guys have a bottom line about this kind of stuff. And for many, this is the only piece of jewelry they will ever wear. They don’t feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on it.

A plain platinum band can cost around $1500, while a fancy performance metal ring might still only be around $900 or less. If you combine metals, it can get more expensive. Or if you have a channel set diamond or two, the price can increase. But the basic materials will still cost less than precious metals.

2. They are durable.

They might still get some scratches but they won’t bend or dent as easily. They are far harder than precious metals. In fact, they are so hard that I don’t actually make them in my store. I can still custom design them for you, but the machines needed to create them are beyond what my shop can house.

3. They are cool.

You really can’t deny how incredible these rings look. They are very masculine. Often very simple and straightforward. A band of whatever width you choose, glossy or matte finished, maybe with some texture, but not much else. It’s a classic, timeless style.

They also have some versatility for the men who do want to have a little more shine or detail on their wedding rings. Engravings and combinations using different metals or two-tone styles is popular as well.

Purchasing a Performance Metal Wedding Band

We sell these wedding rings quite often, yet they are not rings that I make in my shop. Because of their durability, I don’t have the tools necessary to work with them. Precious metals are softer and I am very skilled with them. That is my niche.

However, I can still design whatever you want and send it to professionals that I have a business relationship with and who I know do fine work. They are the ones with the expertise and equipment to do it right. That way I can really stand by the product.

The tools needed to cut or mill performance metal rings are very large machines - they wouldn’t even fit in my shop. They basically need a plant to manufacture them. They are a different animal!

The company who makes the rings for us is very good. All the rings are made in America. They come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee and warranty for craftsmanship and material. They also come with insurance if they are lost or stolen with only a small deductible.

No matter what your style and budget may be, I can find or design a performance metal wedding ring that will be everything you need your ring to be: strong, affordable, and as cool as you are!

Dedicated to being your jeweler,