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Choosing an Engagement Ring that is Right for Your Budget

Nov 20, 2014

Investing in an engagement ring

The balance between choosing a stunning engagement rings and staying within an affordable price range threatens to put off too many engagements for too long. Money is often tight for young couples that are preparing to marry. Today there are many more affordable options for beautiful engagement and wedding rings. Cost cutting options do not mean that anyone needs to settle for a ring that is not beautiful. Too many men preparing to propose are under the false impression that an acceptable ring must cost an entire month worth of salary. This is an unrealistic expectation that delays engagement plans longer than necessary.

The truth is that the price tag depends largely on what you are comfortable spending. The woman you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with should be someone who understands that value of living within a budget. This will likely be the first financial investment made that will have an impact on you both as a couple. Do not be afraid to openly discuss expectations with your future fiancée to keep the first investment you make together one that will bring you closer and not create an unnecessary source of stress. Sharing a life together means being on the same page when it comes to investments and avoiding unnecessary debt.

There are many affordable options within the preferred styles you and your fiancée would like. The ring setting can be instantly both beautiful and affordable when the larger center stone is replaced with something that is man made. This is a great option for the initial engagement ring with a long-term plan to replace the stone, as desired down the road when greater financial security has been established. Upgraded rings make wonderful anniversary gifts and can symbolize the greater unity and commitment established as your marriage matures over a lifetime.

It is also customary too change up the whole style of the ring when a future upgrade is made. The concept is the same for every investment made as a married couple. For example you wont likely be able to reasonably afford to move right into the house of your dreams when you are first married, but you can select a comfortable, safe location to begin your life together with the long term goal of working towards that dream house. Delayed gratification on every level as a partnership will go a long way towards avoiding the stress of excessive debt without putting off the commitment of marriage until you feel you can "afford" it.

The economy plays a large part into how planning should move forward with your upcoming engagement but it does not need to delay the wedding. Invest in a ring and a lifestyle that you both feel confident you can support as you begin sharing a future. The wedding and engagement rings are a mere symbol of the love and devotion you will have for each other. Likely each of you will have an increased earning capacity over time and as your tastes and priorities change each anniversary will give an opportunity for new gifts. Over time, whether you choose rings or other lovely jewelry pieces as a further symbols of devotion and commitment you will be glad you embarked on your new life together in a way that is comfortable and affordable now rather than waiting until you have all the money in the world to spend on that ultimate engagement ring.