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Aphrodite Collection

Classic, Elegant, Sensual
Everything we love about women is captured in the Aphrodite collection. Every piece is a signature piece destined for a sophisticated woman with timeless style and grace. Unique designs are touched with exotic elements and precise contours, and then honed with classic refinement.
Most rings in Aphrodite collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.

Athena collection

Precious, Youthful, Milestone
Romantic, elegant, luxurious and affordable bridal sets offered to young couples that want to seal their pact of everlasting love and commitment. Each item within this collection is timeless, inspired to symbolize an everlasting and ageless love. Each piece is also lavish and unique, affordable with no compromise in quality.
Prices within Athena collection is for complete ring including center stone.

MARX Collection

Little pieces of art we created for you!
Its our signature line of custom made in house engagement rings.
Most rings in MARX collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.


Metal Weight - 3.05 grams

Available Sizes - 3-9.75


Head Shape Princess

This elegant engagement ring highlights the beauty of three princess-cut diamonds in a prong setting. Make her fall in love with you all over again when you propose with this 14K White Gold Contemporary 3 Stone Engagement Ring.


customers reviews

Chris Lonigro

I have to tell you that the ring was a huge hit! Thank you for everything especially with such short notice. I found out that Steve Archer (a good friend of mine) also got his rings through you. I want to say Thank you. Sarah loves it. Thanks again.